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What are Small Groups?
Small Groups provide an opportunity for Fellowship, Bible Study, Ministry and Evangelism. Small groups meet at 9:00 and 10:15 each Sunday morning.
How may I join?
Anyone can be a member of one of our Small Groups. Simply start attending one of our small groups, check with a member of our staff, or speak with someone at the Welcome Desk in our foyer.

9:00 am


College Age

Room 22

Eric and LeAnne Barnett...

Young Adults

Room #25

Chris and Michelle Leggett

Co-ed 30-45

Room #24

Michael Wyatt

Co-ed Born 1982-87

Room #M109

Marty and Nancy Scarbrough

Co-ed Born 1988-92

Room #18

Matt and Ariel Allen

Co-ed 40+

Room #16

Mark Rutherford

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Youth Girls

Alpha Omega House

Jessica Biggs/Corley Shumaker

Youth Girls

Alpha Omega House

Paula Beavers/Lanie Rollings

Youth Guys

Alpha Omega House

Brian Beavers/Andrew Biggs

Youth Guys

Alpha Omega House

Chris Grimes/Tyler Rollings

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3rd & 4th Grade

Room #M103

Dale Taylor

5th & 6th Grade Girls

Room #M111

Karen Reddick

5th & 6th Grade Boys

Room #M112

Gary Garris

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10:15 am


Co-ed 30-50

Room #M109

Rick McKinney

Co-ed 40-50

Room #24

Jeff Gregory

Co-ed 50-65

Room #16

Earl Wilson

Co-ed 60+

Room #20

Gary Eubanks

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Co-ed 60+

Room #25

Don Bailey

Ladies 35-55

Room #23

Jan Hutchison

Ladies 50+

Room Conference Room

Barb Lossing/

Ladies 60+

Room #22

Glenda Cheatham/Myra Taylor

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Room #M104

Mary and Bill Cooper


Room #M101

Loretta McGregor / Kara Taylor

1st Grade

Room # M103

Matt and Katie Hill

2nd Grade

Room #M102

Samantha White / Margaret Williams

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