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The qualifications listed below represent a high standard. The men who serve as deacons sold be men who understand the high standard for this office and who drive daily to maintain this standard. 

Biblical Qualifications

1. Good reputation

(Acts 6:3, 1 Tim 3:10)

2. Filled with the Holy Spirit

(Acts 6:3)

3. Full of wisdom

(Acts 6:3)

4. Men of faith

(Acts 6:5, 1 Tim 3:9)

5. Serious-minded about spiritual things (1Tim 3:8)

6. Consistent in words

(1 Tim 3:8)

7. Not addicted to alcoholic beverages

(1 Tim 3:8)

8. Right perspective on material goods

(1 Tim 3:8)

9. Proven or tested by actions and attitudes (1 Tim 3:10)

10. Husband of a Godly wife

(1 Tim 3:11)

11. Husband of one wife

(1 Tim 3:12)

12. Good manager of his own family

(1 Tim 3:12)

Evidences of Qualifications

Faithful participant in the church. 

Growing in his relationship to Christ.

Committed to the doctrines of the Faith as revealed in our statement of belief. 

Committed to harmony and unity in the church. 

Abstaining from the use of alcoholic beverages.

Financial supporter of the work of Christ through the church.

Committed to the pastor as the primary leader of the church.

Never divorced. 

Willing to humbly serve Christ and the church.

Active member of HDBC for the 12 months immediately preceding election. 

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