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These groups are 4-6 people who will meet together for one hour a week for encouragement. During this time these groups will discuss Scripture, spend time in prayer, and talk about what God is doing in their lives. We will be following the church Bible Reading plan, which can be found here.  

Fall Leaves

These closed groups will be intentionally smaller (4-6 people) and gender-specific. They will also have an expectation of reading Scripture in preparation throughout the week. 

- What commitment do I need to make to be a part of an E-Group?

You will be committing to meet with your group once a week from September 17 – December 10. You are also committing to actively read Scripture through the group. During the meeting, each member will discuss the impactful things they learned from each chapter of scripture they read the previous week.

The groups will read Scripture throughout the week. One chapter a day, five days a week. Each member will discuss the impactful things they learned during the meeting. Choose a day and time when you'd regularly and consistently be available to meet with the other members of your E-Group, taking into account other commitments you have (or may have) which would prevent you from meeting with your group."


The structure of these groups is designed to provide encouragement from people in your faith community. While you can create your own group outside of HDBC, it is our desire that you would allow these groups to have an impact on our faith family.

- How long will the weekly meetings last?

E-Groups will last for 1 hour.

Does our group have to meet at the church? 

The church building will be available when staff is typically present in the building during normal working hours, but groups can (and are encouraged to) meet in homes, restaurants, or coffee houses.

- Do I have to pray aloud and share in the group?

The impact of sharing what each person is learning from Scripture each week is vital for EGroups to fulfill their purpose. Each participant should be willing to share their own prayer needs and then pray for the other people in their group.

- How will I benefit from being in an E-Group

You will be encouraged by the other people in your group.

You will be encouraged in your faith by consistently reading Scripture.

You will be encouraged in your life knowing other people are with you.

- Will Childcare be provided when my group meets?

The only time childcare will be provided is during Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30.

- Are these ongoing groups or for a limited time?

These groups will end in December, but new groups will be formed after the first of the year that you can be a part of.

- Can my spouse be in a group with me?

These groups are designed to be gender specific, but we encourage you to have the same

discussion with your spouse about what the Scripture is teaching you.

- What is needed to be a leader of an E-Group?

Stay connected with your group throughout the week.

Determine what time and location is best for your group to meet.

Lead the discussion for the group, where you allow each person to share what God is teaching


You will be trained to lead these discussions at a time meeting before the launch of E-Groups.

- How do I sign up?

Click the button at the top of this page. 

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