Here and There.
HDBC is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20, which calls us to make disciples of all the nations. We desire to bring the message of hope through the gospel to the people of our local community, to the people in the United States, and to the people living in nations around the world. We believe the gospel is the hope of the world.
HDBC conducts projects, events and ongoing ministries in the Jonesboro area designed to build bridges of relationship to our community. Our desire is to provide a number of avenues for sharing the gospel with as many people in our area as possible. We believe one of the most important keys is the building of relationships.
Each year HDBC sends teams across the nation and around world, seeking to share Jesus with others. We have had ongoing partnerships in Louisiana, Utah, and Arkansas, as well as various other trips throughout the United Sates. We also go Internationally to places such as Uganda, Kenya, Asia, Hungary, France, and Mexico. 
Past partnerships and projects have sent HDBC members to Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Malawi, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Bulgaria, France, Mexico, China, Hungary, Uganda, Vietnam, Haiti, Honduras, Botswana, Nepal, Canada, New York, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Dakota, New Jersey, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Kansas, Illinois.

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